Message of
Mr. Abdur Rauf Chaudhry
Chairman, Steering Committee, OIC Ombudsman Association (OICOA)
It gives me immense pleasure to launch the official Website of the OIC Ombudsman Association (OICOA). This is an era of instant communications. chairman OICOA People have the option to talk and see each other in real time overcoming the constraints of much frequent physical meetings. Technology has today made it possible for people to communicate with each other globally, in real time using multiple modes of text, images, audio and video. This multi-dimensional communication capability is being exploited by all and sundry today irrespective of the regional and cultural divide and has revolutionized administrative and bureaucratic system. The OICOA Website is launched with high hopes and a conviction that it will provide a golden opportunity to put in place an electronic broadway to bring the Ombudsmen of Muslim States in particular and world over Ombudsman community in general closer than ever before to share their knowledge, experience, capabilities, resources and ideas for strengthening the cause of Ombudsmanship for the common good of our peoples and reduce their sufferings.
Further, I am glad to share that in accordance with the decisions reached through “Islamabad Declaration” adopted in the first Conference on Networking of Ombudsmen in OIC Member States, held at Islamabad on 28-29 April 2014, actions towards implementation of the decisions of the Conference have been initiated and accordingly a formal OICOA Secretariat has been established, annexed to the FTO premises in Islamabad. For ensuring its efficient functioning Secretary OICOA (Mr. Abdul Khaliq) along with nucleolus staff for the OICOA Secretariat has been appointed. The OICOA Secretariat is currently developing a Profile Directory of the Members which will be posted on the Website to promote interaction and know each other well. Further, in order to promote cause of Ombudsmanship in brotherly Muslim States, OIC Secretariat is planning to contact the respective Governments through their embassies in Islamabad of the OIC Member States who do not have Ombudsman Institution so far, inviting them to consider establishing this august and noble institution having strong linkage with the Islamic era which originally ascribed to the second Caliph Omar’s (RA) Institution of the Qadi-al-Qadat, then the Diwan-al-Mazalim.
I believe the Website is user friendly and will provide the legal, procedural framework, organizational and administrative set-up of OIC Ombudsman Association as well as the members of the Association. The OICOA Secretariat intends to develop this website into a dynamic medium for interaction between Ombudsmen internationally. A dedicated e-mail address will also be made available to each member of the Association for mutual communication on instant basis.
Suggestions to improve it are welcome.
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